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Mission Statement

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The USA Mission

The USA Association will amass a volunteer army of Believers in the values of God, Family, Country and Business in order to help protect, preserve and advance the rich American heritage that has made this nation so great; a cause worthy of heralding and fighting for. USA will provide Premier Benefits, products and services with uncompromising quality, value and service to win our members ongoing trust and loyalty. USA will build its organization through Relational Marketing helping our members engage so they can enlist others they know to join the cause and realize the benefits as well.


USA Association, a company committed to the Right People, Right Motive and Right Values, will become the National Organization of choice for anyone espousing the Values of Faith, Family and Free Enterprise.


To create and provide the most superior Benefits, Products and Services that meet the needs and demands of our targeted demographic groups. To build this organization with the intent to help further the growth of each member physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. Build the people so that they build the organization.


We desire to be seen and known as an organization comprised of dedicated people of high moral, ethical and spiritual values. An organization that excels in offering exceptional benefits, goods and services and is creating a movement that will advance the Cause of Faith Family and Free Enterprise in this Nation.


Ultimate Success America Association believes there is a moral high ground in business, and our members know that is the ground we stand on. We also believe that the most substantive and historical resource for the understanding of Right and Wrong and Good and Evil in our society is the Bible. Therefore, we have chosen this resource as the basis for our Values and Business Principles & Practices.


  • To form a platform and movement for our honored members to join in the heralding of their common belief and message of Faith Family and Free Enterprise.
  • To provide a supportive environment for our members to feel a part of being an essential element to furthering the Cause and also to developing personally.
  • Continuously practice good stewardship in all areas of our business.
  • Provide an environment to attract like-minded people and organizations to help synergize and empower ourmembers and our cause.


USA Association will seek wisdom, favor and the Anointing of God Almighty to direct our affairs. We will lead through inspired influence and servitude and will endeavor to fulfill our Mission, knowing that we must earn the respect and trust of each and every one of our members and it is our privilege to serve our members and our Country.


In keeping with our Principles and Strategies, such as being good Samaritans in our communities both here in the USA and abroad, we commit ourselves to the continuous practice of good stewardship in all areas. We will encourage our members and associates to give back to their communities and support worthy causes that advance the message of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” and the values of God, Country, Family, Business. We will stand to further the Cause of Faith in God thru the Gospel, the Family as defined in the bible and the advancement of Free Enterprise and Stewardship as a means to true prosperity.

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